Inactive Facility Revitalization Initiative


Restarting shuttered and idled facilities indeed comes with a number of challenges. While some former facilities are impractical to restart or repurpose, there are many facilities that have limited liability concerns and are cost-feasible to position for revitalization. Bringing a former facility back online has several key benefits over development of greenfield sites:
  • Rights of way established
  • Excess utility capacities
  • Free of wetlands and other encumbrances
  • Permitting
  • Return of community jobs to ready workforce
  • Often located in industrial and commercial land use area
  • Preservation of competitive greenfield sites


The Inactive Facility Revitalization Initiative follows a three-pronged technical approach for the initial feasibility screening for facility restart/repurpose potential:

  1. Economic Development Highest and Best Use
  2. Environmental Liability Concerns
  3. Site/ Facility Reconfiguration

This initial facility assessment considers location and physical plant factors including site, building, equipment, and infrastructure. Recognizing that land use, population growth, traffic congestion, community tolerance, regulatory environment, and utility capacities surrounding former facilities have changed, site specific assessments are required to determine current facility reintroduction potential and highest and best project uses.

Facilities surviving initial revitalization feasibility screening become candidates for in depth site due diligence and positioning strategy. LL+D’s comprehensive Facility Revitalization evaluation and positioning strategy includes the following tasks:
  • Inventory and Rank
  • Assess and Strategize 
  • Valuate and Model
  • Plan and Fund
  • Mitigate and Improve
  • Forecast and Market


Leotta Location and Design’s multidisciplined team includes in-house experts and partners representing economic development, engineering (civil, environmental, geotechnical, mechanical), environmental biology and ecology, taxation and finance, commercial/industrial real estate, industrial equipment salvage and scrap, legal, and communications/marketing professionals.

The LL+D team understands the complexion and nature of large commercial and industrial site location needs. This includes both attractive criteria, such as transportation and utility infrastructure and labor resources, and vulnerable criteria, including sensitive environmental areas and cultural and community features. LL+D founders have a background in environmental consulting and have strong knowledge of complex permitting challenges for large commercial and industrial projects. LL+D staff have extensive experience with economic development and site selection projects from small local site evaluations to siting thousand-plus job industrial investments. We work with state, regional, and local economic development organizations as well as private sector companies engaged in site selection and economic development to provide specialized technologies and knowhow for maximizing project competitiveness.

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