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LL+D offers a package that includes our full suite of SSI Program Phases as well as individually priced services, allowing clients to choose what works best for their organization and region’s specific needs. 

Add-ons/Standalone Services

Facility Revitalization is designed to identify, assess, prepare, and market inactive and underutilized commercial and industrial facilities currently offline that may be restarted/repurposed and returned to active commerce. The goal of Facility Revitalization: position formerly active commercial and industrial facilities for reintroduction to commerce in preparation for economic recovery and re-domestication of critical supply chain for maximum ROI. 

Includes a limited review of the subject site and surrounding land use along with primary transportation, cultural, and environmental features with a cursory opinion on the general development potential of the site.  

Provides an analysis and summary of site location and physical attributes with a narrative description of:  Site Vicinity, Transportation Infrastructure, Energy/Utility Infrastructure, Cultural Considerations, Flood Risk, Potential Wetlands, and Development Considerations. The Site Profile includes a site vicinity map, basic transportation feature map, and flood/wetlands map. The profile provides an overall indication of a site’s advantages and challenges and concludes with a recommendation for the highest and best use of the site within the context of the subject economic development project consideration. This resource is helpful both as an internal site investment guide for determining site potential and value relative to development as well as site promotional material.

Includes a limited series of the most essential site maps using the most current available aerial imagery and respective GIS data layers. These maps typically include: Site Vicinity Map, Site Aerial Photo with Primary Transportation Infrastructure, Surrounding Land Use, Cultural Features, and Potential Wetlands.  

A comprehensive set of site maps gives full characteristics of the subject site and surrounding vicinity. A map book typically includes: Site Vicinity Map, Site Aerial Photo with Primary Transportation Infrastructure, Surrounding Land Use, Cultural Features, Local Utilities, Primary Electric Transmission and Energy Infrastructure, Flood Zone, Elevation, Elevation Contour, Soils, Potential Wetlands, O&G Wells and Pipeline Infrastructure, Population Density, Local Zoning, Potential Raw Material Input Sources, General Labor Profile by Drive-time, and Product Distribution by Drive-time.

Interactive, customizable story maps allow us to communicate information using maps, narrative text, images, and multimedia content to create a compelling, user-friendly representation of a site. This detailed digital narrative includes information about physical site characteristics, ecological conditions, transportation and utility connectivity, and surrounding land use compatibility in an easily digestible story style format. A comprehensive experience useful as a marketing tool to display key findings of potential economic development assets. Easy to envision, easy to share.

Take a Virtual Site Tour (VST) of a particular site or area of interest on-the-fly for a detailed look at environmental and cultural characteristics of the area and discussion of an objective development opinion. You do not have to complete any of the formal SSI Phases to benefit from this exercise. VST your next potential site with us!

Intended for demonstrating the competitive value of a subject site as a function of construction readiness. Our team inspects the site and assesses the physical properties and observable conditions for accommodating the situation of a medium to large-scale industrial operation. A contiguous buildable area is determined in consideration of minimizing impacts to sensitive environmental and ecological conditions and avoidance of high-cost construction conditions. Conceptual site design scenarios are produced with options for construction footprint orientation/configuration, complete with ingress/egress points and other necessary design elements.

An Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) provides informational resources including: EDR Radius Report, Recent and historical aerial imagery review, US Environmental Protection Agency’s Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) database, and information provided through interviews with local political officials, economic development representatives, and landowners. A Phase 1 ESA rigorously studies historical and current land-uses of a property and documents the environmental liability likelihood of contamination. A crucial precursor to onsite due diligence.

LL+D staff determines a given community’s target industry sectors, then researches and identifies North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for select sites to align with the type of businesses best suited to that community. The addition of NAICS codes to strategic sites will provide a direct method for querying priority sites by target industry sectors.

A survey of a region’s laborshed assists in the maintenance and expansion of existing businesses while attracting new ones. We can help determine the complexion and quantity of labor in accordance with relevant occupation categories as defined by a project application. Our Labor Profile reviews aggregate labor numbers by census block and 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute drive-times from a subject site to ensure that an economic development project is located within areas that can support the jobs it creates.

Our desktop assessment is conducted by a qualified and experienced wetlands biologist and ecological consulting professionals. We provide a review and analysis of high-resolution aerial imagery, NHD, LiDAR elevation data, NRCS SSURGO soils data, USGS GAP data, and FEMA flood hazard data in a GIS desktop environment to assess the subject site. You receive an expert opinion to the extent, type, and quality of potential wetlands and flood risk along with development permitting and costs implications in a narrative letter report with supporting map documents.

Cut and fill is an effective process that can be used to move the earth in a logical manner, conserving energy and maximizing the use of existing materials to combat elevation challenges. Our cut/sill analysis is conducted to provide a non-engineering estimation of the amount of fill necessary to achieve a FEMA Base Flood Elevation (BFE) where established against the volume of available on-site fill. The process is helpful in determining rough order of magnitude costs for site fill requirements and potential to satisfy on-site fill requirements where Federal Floodplain Mitigation designations exist.

Technical marketing products greatly support demonstration of site viability, readiness for development, and visualization of potential site use. Drone-captured site video footage enhanced with vector graphic overlays illustrate site features which may include site boundary/buildable area extent and configuration, primary transportation assets, surrounding land use, utility infrastructure access and other pertinent assets. Stylized with music and/or voice-over descriptions to dynamically showcase the economic development value of the subject site, a promotional video simplifies comprehension and sharing ability. 

Drone videos offer a comprehensive, virtual view of a site for making location decisions without having to physically visit the property. We conduct a landowner-guided site tour where conditions are documented with notation and photographs across the site with particular attention given to potential areas of concern and ingress/egress points. Drone flight captures aerial video of the subject site from various perspectives including points of site ingress/egress.

3D site modeling, delivered in a variety of common movie file formats, dynamically illustrates conceptual site design and use. 3D site modeling can include conceptual building/warehouse/facility mockups with parking, transportation, and landscaping scenarios and may be applied to create more sophisticated and effective site marketing materials. The final design can be animated to provide a dynamic virtual bird’s eye view of a site to highlight the full development potential.  

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